Mithat Ercan

Frontend Developer

I am Mithat, a frontend developer and web designer from Turkey. These given professions are my passion and i have improved my skills drastically over the past months. Besides, I have displayed profound passion on modern design and i follow the new trends. Currently, advancing skills on coding provides me opportunities to shape my ability.


This is's design and i've built this fresh designed web page!

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This is a restaurant automation system company and I've worked on this website to create some parts on it.

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I named this work "Skyblue", this is tottaly my responsive work. I designed and built this webpage.

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Abeja's retailer

This is based on and i built this website for Abeja company's retailer. This is tottaly responsive design.

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About Me

I have tried my chance on different matters before making one of the biggest decisions in my life. One of the matters was to waste time without surrounding myself with attention on the Backend in which I have not enjoyed much. It was the day changed my entire future career that I got to know the Frontend. It turned to be passion for me therefore I was spending days without giving attention other things. I consider Frontend developing and web designing as the greatest achievements in my life. I work days and nights just to be one of the best Frontend developer and besides to give all my initiation and experience for the future programmers..
M. Ercan